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LiftMaster Residential Operators

LiftMaster Logo Higgins Overhead Door is proud to offer LiftMaster® residential garage door operators. LiftMaster is the #1 professionally installed garage door operator for good reason. For over 50 years, LiftMaster has provided top quality operators with industry leading features and technology.


8550WLB LiftMaster's flagship model has everything you can ask for in an operator and so much more! The quiet 12V DC motor provides a durable and smooth operation that is perfect for garages next to or below living spaces. With a lifetime belt and motor warranty, you can be assured that it will last you for years to come. The 8550WLB has built in WiFi for easy connection to your smartphone or tablet through the free MyQ app providing you with alerts and the ability to remotely open or close your garage door. Also, the 8550WLB comes with Battery-Backup built in so you can know that your door will open each and every time even during a power outage! With all of these features and reliability, it's no wonder that the 8550W would be a perfect fit on any home!  Find out more >


8500 The 8500 is LiftMaster's residential 24V DC motor jackshaft operator. This one-of-a-kind operator mounts to the side of the garage door which frees up ceiling space for shelving or to give a clean finish to your man-cave! The 8500 is battery backup capable which is a perfect addition to this capable unit to manage power outages from storms. With MyQ technology, you can get alerts and have remote operation of your jackshaft operator! MyQ technology only accessible with purchase of separate internet gateway.  Find out more >


8500W The 8500W is LiftMaster's improvement to the already-capable 8500. With the side-mount feature of the 8500, the 8500W adds WiFi and built-in Battery-Backup! A stronger 12V DC motor means the 8500W can handle even the heaviest of doors all with quiet operation and energy efficiency.  Find out more >


8360WLB The 8360WLB is a great option for those looking for the quiet operation of the 8550WLB while keeping budget in mind! The same powerful 12V DC motor ensures quiet operation each and every time for garages with adjacent living spaces. WiFi and MyQ technology gives you the security of knowing if you've left your door open and the ability to close it remotely from anywhere! Optional Battery-Backup means that you can rest assured that your operator will open even when the power is out.  Find out more >


8355W The 8355W is a great operator for those with a garage adjacent to living spaces. The quiet operation of the belt drive and the AC Motor Vibration Isolation System means the 8355W is an exceptionally quiet operator. With WiFi built-in, you're more connected than ever before. Receive alerts when your door opens or closes and have the peace of mind knowing you've closed your door when you leave the house.  Find out more >


8355W The 8365W-267 is LiftMaster's workhorse unit! The rugged chain drive and lifetime-warranty AC motor are the perfect combo for giving you an operator that will stand the test of time. WiFi gives you the security of knowing when your door opens or closes. You'll never have to wonder if you've left your garage door open after you left the house ever again!  Find out more >