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Custom & Specialty Products

Higgins Overhead Door is your area leader for everything related to the garage doors and commercial doors and with our well-established relationships, Higgins can provide you with a unique or custom solution for your home or business.  Check out the photos and manufacturers below to see if we have a solution that meets your custom needs!

Higgins Custom Door Designs

Higgins Custom Door Designs

When looking for a superior quality for your next custom door, look no further than Higgins Custom Door Designs. Their flagship Reliant Series Doors will elevate your home's exterior to a new level!

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Hörmann High Performance

Hörmann High Performance is the worldwide leader when it comes to high performance doors.  German Engineered and made in the USA, Hörmann provides only the highest in quality in all of their components backed by the best warranties in the business.  Designed for the most intensely used applications, you can rest assured that a Hörmann High Performance door will never let you down.



When you want the strongest aluminum sectional door on the market, you can only think of one name: Arm-R-Lite.  Unlike other companies, both their commercial and residential doors feature a 100% welded construction allowing for fully customizable designs and unmatched quality and strength.  With custom options such as the industry’s only ADA-compliant pass door, crank out awning windows, or the most robust line-up of custom glass options, you can rely on Arm-R-Lite.


Ikonik Garage Doors

Ikonik Garage Doors provide the first and only UL certified horizontally moving garage door system in North America. These horizontal sliding sectional doors have been proven for many years in Europe and are now available to you today! With several different section designs available and the highest quality in hardware, Ikonik has the maintenance-free system that will ensure safety and reliability solution for you.

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Renlita is the industry leader in custom doors, windows, and operable walls that transform designs and define both interior and exterior spaces.  With their customized designs tailored to your home or business, you can rest assured that Renlita can build your vision!


Hörmann/TNR Rubber Doors

Hörmann/TNR rubber doors are the industry leader for industrial high performance doors.  With their tough, rugged, impactable SBR rubber curtains, a TNR can take blow after blow and keep on truckin’!  When you need only the best in your industrial setting, think TNR!


Door Engineering

Door Engineering is the king when it comes to custom, engineered solutions for your commercial or industrial business.  From heavy duty blast and tornado shelter doors to maintenance-free folding doors on a fire station, Door Engineering has the solution for you!


Findoor Folding Doors

Findoor folding doors are the door revolution!  These folding doors open sideways and completely eliminate the maintenance of traditional commercial doors.  An excellent choice for the for barns, fire stations, shops or carwashes, Findoors are designed to withstand tough, demanding use.


Airlift Doors

Airlift Doors are the industry leader when it comes to doors in the harshest environments like car washes or salt storage sheds.  With their aluminum and polycarbonate construction, Airlift’s Alaska Doors are designed to hold up day in and day out in demanding environments and withstand over 200 times the impact of traditional glass doors.  With their extreme packages that include stainless steel hardware and track, Airlift doors will hold up for years to come.


Rotary Products, Inc.

Rotary Products, Inc. is your complete source for all loading dock equipment and the industry leader in manufacturing of dock seals and cushions.  Since 1958, RPI has only provided the best in loading dock products that stand up to the use and abuse of docks and related equipment.

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